Tenant Handbook

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Moving Procedures

All tenant moves must be coordinated with the Property Management Office three (3) weeks prior to the intended move date. The moving contractor should also contact the management office so that use of the elevator can be scheduled. We request that all moves be undertaken during non-business hours to simplify access to the building and minimize any inconvenience to other tenants.


Please use designated loading zones for unloading. DO NOT PARK IN FIRE LANES.


The moving contractor shall be responsible for all damages and losses sustained to tools and equipment utilized in the performance of all work there under. When moving into the building, please contact the management office for assistance. The management office will issue your tenant representative an access card/key, which grants access to the building. Additional cards will be issued upon request. Shorenstein requires that the moving contractor provide protection for building flooring, walls and elevators during loading and unloading. If you are not using a moving contractor, please call the management office for assistance in coordinating the use of the elevator and protection of flooring.

Please ask the moving contractor to contact the property manager well in advance of the moving date to schedule use of the elevator. The elevator is available for moving during non-business hours only with the approval of the management office. Approval is also required for moves that are scheduled to take place during the weekend.

Movement in or out of the Building of furniture or office equipment, or dispatch or receipt by Tenant of merchandise or materials requiring the use of elevators, stairways, lobby areas or loading dock areas, shall be performed in a manner and restricted to hours reasonably designated by Landlord. Tenant shall obtain Landlord's prior approval by providing a detailed listing of the activity, including the names of any contractors, vendors or delivery companies, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. Tenant shall assume all risk for damage, injury or loss in connection with the activity.


Landlord shall have the right to approve the weight, size, or location of heavy equipment or articles in and about the Premises, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld; provided that approval by Landlord shall not relieve Tenant from liability for any damage in connection with such heavy equipment or articles


Please contact your Building Management Office for specific moving requirements: 503 619 3200




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